" What is Citonhub?-A platform for developers to mentor and grow a community."

" What is Citonhub?-A platform for developers to mentor and grow a community."

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Published on Oct 7, 2020

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"Citonhub is a platform to make your Programming goals come true even when you have no PC. It helps you connect with different developer friends that you can talk and share code with.’’ Daniel-mentor on Citonhub.

What was your experience like when you taught a person how to code over the internet. How did you:

  1. Chat
  2. Share codes
  3. review projects
  4. Share screen
  5. Voice chat
  6. Live code
  7. Earn?

If you used more than one platform to do all these, Citonhub is for you. is a platform for developers to teach, mentor, and earn. I must imagine if you’re reading this, you are passionate about helping people to code. We are too, and here is why we built citonhub.

In May 2020, we wanted to teach a group of eager newbies how to code for a fee. We looked for a platform that could help us teach effectively, but we noticed we had to combine up to four different platforms to achieve our training objectives. We would teach on Slack, share screen and voice chat on Google meet, receive payments by sending our account numbers, and finally host projects on netlify or

This was time wasting and inefficient so we went ahead to build a platform with all the features needed for effective mentoring in one place.

Citonhub offers developers the flexibility and privacy to interact, making it the first platform that offers the convenience of a two-way communication while being able to share and run codes. With this, newbies can effectively get mentored, and become experienced developers.

Key Features of Citonhub

1.) Chat

The chat tab is where mentoring happens. Here you can

  • communicate through text
  • Communicate through voice by starting a voice chat session.

  • Share your screen

  • Live code (here you type in your code editor and your students see your texts real-time.

  • An in-built code-box that allows you share and run up to 25 programming languages.

  • Sub-channels- Just like you have it in slack and Discord, Citonhub offers you the ability to organizeyour community by creating sub channels. This gives you the ability to separate content that can be revisited.

2.) Challenges

Challenges are a great way for mentees to try out projects with others to improve their skills. You can also add a channel to a challenge so that participants can get together to talk and exchange ideas.

3.) Showcase The showcase tab offers exposure to projects on Citonhub. When you share your project, the community will be able to give comments and reviews.

4.) Projects

The project feature on citonhub is built for collaboration between mentors and mentees. When a mentee writes a project, she can add her mentor as a contributor to review or to edit her codes. The project panel can host simple to intermediate projects for now, but efforts are being made to make it host advanced projects.

5.) Diary Diary is a place to share your knowledge with others the way you want. You can do this by using text, voice, codes, images and videos.

6.) Wallet: You can montize by enabling any of the three earning models in your channels.

Donations: Your audience or members can donate any amount of money to support you or for the progress of the community.

Subscription based: When you activate a monthly subscription model, people can only have access into your sub-channels after paying.

One time payment: This is perfect for activites that require one time payment and gaining lifetime access. An example could be when you are organize a bootcamp for a fee. Members pay once and have access forever.

All your donations, subscriptions, and one time payments will drop in your wallet and you will be able to payout into your bank.

Why you should be on citonhub?

Can you imagine what it would feel like if you could help people grow their careers with so much ease?

It felt great for us and we found out that communities on Citonhub find it great too. offers a platform to make your dreams come true. Register at to teach and grow the kind of coding community you want.

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