Save Time and Stress by Automating How You Teach Code With Citonhub.

Teaching people how to code on the internet can be stressful because you have to carry everyone along. Another reason is because you have to fix an agreed time, and people may not show up due to varying schedules. Other times, you have to repeat your lessons because you do not have a place where people can learn from you on-demand.

What if you had a place where you could store your contents and people could interactively learn from you on-demand, would you use it? If you are still reading this, your answer's positive.

Citonhub's teaching bot provide on-demand teaching and learning experience for developers. It also serves as a knowledge base for you so that people can access your content (text, code, audio, video, images, etc)whenever they want, and they can learn at their own pace.

In this article, I will be taking you through the steps you need to get your teaching bot ready.

Creating a teaching bot

Step 1 Click on the + button in your dashboard

Alt text of image

Step 2

  • Click on the + button in your dashboard and complete your bot profile.

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The teaching bot is an extension of your presence, detail it the way you want.

Step 3

Type in the topic.

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The topic drops in the database, and you have a content file attached to it.

Step 4-Click on the content file.

You'll have content boxes indicating the kind of content you want to fill in and click on add.

Alt text of image

Note: Fill in the contents as you want them delivered to your audience.

Step 5-add Keywords**.

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These are words, or group of words that a reader/ learner would send to the bot to access a specific content. Anytime a reader sends any variation of the keyword, the specific content is delivered. Make sure that you don't use the same keyword for different topics, else the bot would deliver the wrong content.

Step 6. -- Add Start, Not found, and End conversation contents.

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Start conversation- Content the bot sends when people visit it for the first time.

Not Found- Content the bot delivers when people send information the bot does not have in store.

End conversation- content delivered when people send keywords that signify an end of discussion.

Step 7-Click on Train bot.

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This updates the content for your bot.

Step 8-Share

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Click on share, and if you want to see the result of what you've done, click on launch bot.

This is all you need to know to help people learn from you on demand.

This is an example of a PHP bot.

N.B the bot is in beta-phase and is being tested with a few people. If you would love to join the waiting list for the bot, click on the " ?" icon at the right corner of the PHP bot to indicate interest.

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