How Developers make money on Citonhub.

How Developers make money on Citonhub.
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Published on Mar 15, 2021

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Have you ever wondered how you can make money on We have great news! The newly rolled out wallet feature on Citonhub allows you earn from mentoring or organizing a coding community.You can now set up a payment option in your channel and people can easily support you.

Citonhub was built with the aim of making mentoring and growing a tech community easy, and easy includes enabling people to pay you in just a few clicks.

How do you go about this?

Step 1

Create a channel

Alt text of image Step 2

Name your channel, add your description, and select your payment plan. Payment plan is how people will pay you. There are two options here and we’ll explain each.

Alt text of image Donations

The Donation option means your audience or members can donate any amount of money to you. You can use this payment plan if you are helping freely, but you don’t mind people supporting you along the way. Also, if you don't have an a dedicated audience, it's advisible to start with Donation. Donation lowers the barrier to entering your channel thereby allowing your audience have a taste of the value you create before subscribing.


When you choose memberships, you put a paywall before your channel so that your members would have to pay before accessing it. After selecting memberships, you would choose either subscription or one time fee. Subscription means your members would pay a recurring amount of money based on the time interval you set. In One-time fee, your audience would pay once and have lifetime access to your channel.

Note: people can't gain entry into your channel without paying when you choose subscription and one time payment

Step 3

Invite your members and start earning. Alt text of image

How will you get paid?

If you operate a one-time fee and subscription based channel, people would pay before gaining access to your channel. If you operate a support based channel, people can donate to you by clicking on the menu icon in your channel. Alt text of image

How will you pay out?

You can payout by going to your wallet tab. You will see your payment card and how much you have earned. Your total balance is how much you have earned and the payable amount is how much you can payout.

Your payable amount is updated every five working days. This is the maximum time it takes Flutterwave(our payment provider) to process the monies you received from your channel. After payout, it would take 1-3 working days to get to your bank. When you click on Payout, you will be asked to supply your bank details where your money will be transferred to. Alt text of image

How much fees do you incur?

Citonhub takes 10% of your earning as platform fees, and Flutterwave takes a varying processing and payout fee depending on your user’s location and method of payment. You can read more on Flutterwave's fees here.

How do you get a bonus on Citonhub?

Refer your friends to teach or grow a community on Citonhub and get 5% commission on their first ten earnings.

This is all you need to know about earning from your passion with Citonhub. Feel free to ask more questions by reaching out here or on twitter OlutolaOwolabi

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