Citonhub Use cases-Six ways developers use Citonhub.

Citonhub was built to act like a ducktape for developer communities. It brings together all the features developers need to mentor and grow a community in one place. Normally, developers mentor and grow a community by combining slack+codeshare +codepen+ zoom or googlemeet. The consequence of this is hoping around numerous platforms, which leads to disorganization and scattered content all over the place. Here are a few ways developers can use Citonhub.

  • Use case I- Organizing your audience. If you teach programming or produce tech related contents, there is a high likelihood you have a group of people who love what you do and would want to connect with you. You can open a channel on Citonhub to have a great experience.

  • Use case II-To organise coding boot-camps. You can open a channel and invite your members in. A Citonhub channel is like a slack+zoom+codeshare.i +Patreon. How? You can do everything you do on each of these platforms in one place. You can chat, run and share codes, share voice notes, share your screen, voice chat and earn from your members. This saves you a ton of time to do other things.

  • Use Case III connecting other developers If you just got into tech and you want to connect with more developers in your stack, the mentor and showcase tabs are places to go. The mentor tab contains people have signed up to help others, while the showcase is a place to show your works and let people give you comments and reviews.

  • Use Case IV- Coding with your phone. If you don't yet have a laptop, you can code with your phone in several programming languages. Daniel built close to thirty projects with his phone on Citonhub. Examples are his Airbnb clone and the JavaScript piano. After building a project, you can add people (people you follow) as contributors to edit your work.

  • Use Case V-Starting a challenge to engage your members. If you host a meeetup want to engage your audience or you just finished a topic in your community and you want to test your members on it, you can host a challenge. You can be a judge or add others to be judges. This sounds like fun!

  • Use Case VI: Sharing your knowledge with the community. The diary is where you share your knowledge the way you want. When you update your diary, people following it will get mails about your updates.

If you have other ways you use Citonhub, shoot us an email at or tweet at us.

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