"Citonhub is a platform to make your Programming goals come true even when you have no PC. It helps you connect with different developer friends that you can talk and share code with.’’ Daniel-mentor on Citonhub.

What was your experience like when you taught a person how to code over the internet. How did you:

  1. Chat
  2. Share codes
  3. Host projects
  4. Share screen
  5. Voice chat?

If you used more than one platform to do all these, Citonhub is for you. Citonhub.com is a new platform that promises to close the gap that exists in teaching people how to code over the internet . I must imagine if you’re reading this, you are passionate about helping people to code. We are too, and here is why we built citonhub.com.

Five months ago, we got a group of eager newbies that wanted to learn coding. We looked for a platform that could help us serve this purpose, but we noticed we had to combine up to four different platforms to achieve our training objectives. Why couldn’t we have a platform with all the features we needed?

Some coding instructors disagree with me on this, saying there are tons of resources to mentor newbies. But if I may ask, how do they keep track of conversations scattered across these numerous platforms? For everyone reading this and haven’t heard about citonhub.com, I’ll tell you.

Citonhub is a teaching platform for developer communities. Here, communities can chat, share codes, build and review projects all in one place. This platform eliminates the need to use different platforms to effectively train people, making it easy to keep track, and save time.

With the wave of newbies switching careers to tech, coding communities and instructors are rising to guide their path. As you read every word of this article, you will agree with me that coding communities need a new platform for effective mentoring.

Citonhub offers coding communities the flexibility and privacy to interact, making it the first platform that offers the convenience of a two-way communication while being able to share and run codes. With this, newbies can effectively get mentored, and become experienced developers in a short time.

Features of Citonhub

  • Chat and Share codes

The in-built code-box on citonhub enables communities to run up to 25 programming languages. These different languages allow for a diversity of coding communities, enabling them to share well-formatted codes, eliminating the oddity of how codes appear on platforms not built for developers. Now you can directly review codes, and add comments wherever necessary.

  • Own your Community

With the ability to choose to create private teams or public channels, you can start your community and help thousands of people grow. Under each Team/Channel, you have sub-channel/team. Subs give you the ability to separate content and help people follow up on each post you create. This gives organization to mentoring, further increasing your ability to keep track of what you teach.

  • Build and Review Projects

The project feature on citonhub is built to help you host both simple and complex projects. After hosting, you can easily share with friends to get stars and comments. In cases where you encounter errors, you can add contributors to edit your codes.

  • Challenge friends to duels

Citonhub has a duel feature that enables you to challenge friends and collectively improve your skills. The duel feature runs multiple programming languages, so there is no restriction on what project to build. It becomes fun to build projects and add to your portfolio.

  • Connect with Other Developers

Communities of different stacks are embracing citonhub. Citonhub is a place for you to connect with others, join their channels, and learn from them. This is also an easy way to find partners for future projects.

Why you should be on citonhub

Can you imagine what it would feel like if you could help newbies towards achieving their goals in tech? It felt great for us, and we found out that communities on Citonhub find it great too. How would it feel like if people always came back, telling you how much you impacted their lives? Citonhub.com offers a platform to make your dreams come true. Register at citonhub.com to start or join the kind of coding community you want.

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Definitely a platform worth checking out